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Saturday, July 11 2020 @ 10:44 am EDT

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Read the 2457 Ordinance here
Authored by: NewToTerrell on Saturday, May 21 2011 @ 03:10 pm EDT

I am new to Terrell and had noticed the "Support Prop 1" signs placed in many of my neighbors yards. I was curious to learn what "exactly" Proposition 1 was that they were in support of. Today I was able to locate, download, and read the entire contents outlined in Ordinance 2457 (i.e. Proposition 1).

I think it was important to read the entire proposed City Ordinance as it unfairly targets low-income and non-home owners (renters) who reside in Terrell by requiring personal information about themselves to be collected and filed with the City of Terrell. Additionally, the Ordinance outlines specific guidelines and regulations required for renters which are not required for all other Terrell residents (home owners).  The Ordinance further targets low-income residents (renters) by imposing criminal charges and fees for violations of the Ordinance's requirements whereas, all non-renter residents in Terrell are not subject to the same requirements or possible criminal charges/fees for violations.

I live on Griffith Avenue. It is obvious to any person driving down Griffith Avenue as well as any of the surrounding streets within the neighborhood that anyone could easily spot at least one "eye-sore" home/yard just about  every other house on each and every street including Griffith Avenue. 

In conclusion, there is no direct factual evidence from thorough, non-biased research studies to support the supposition of Ordinance 2457 that criminal activity is limited to rental units or renters per se and that criminal activity is absent in all other residences within the community of Terrell, therefore, excluding non-renter residents in Terrell of having to abide by equal laws, regulations, and violation fees.  I wonder if my neighbors who had "Support Prop. 1" signs posted in their yards would be so eager to vote for an ordinance if they too were held to the same standards and fines under this ordinance. Hmmmmm. ???? This is a dangerous assumption; one that in my opinion is based on prejudice and bias alone. This is very dis-heartening to myself as a new (non-renter) resident of Terrell, TX. :(

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