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 Hire Policemen, not Inspectors
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Anonymous: Mike
 April 26 2011 13:51 pm (Read 23748 times)  

The City needs more police. Hire more police.

Please don't spend the money we need for more policemen by hiring inspectors to go INSIDE homes !

We have ordinances for outside houses and laws now that are not being enforced.

Protect the our 4th Amendments rights.

Anonymous: Nancybuddychino
 May 14 2014 16:03 pm  

Lately, it seems the Board of Aldermen BOA, at least Aldermen Boguskie and Karn and Alderwoman Poole and Potentially Alderwoman Potter (her vote on the text change at the spaciel meeting this coming Tuesday will tell it all), seem to have little respect for Planning Board (PB) or apparently for their members personally. I think you must get on the record with your ideas addressed to the PB, but I also suggest you go to get the aldermens' contact info from the city officials tab and email or call some or all the aldermen with your ideas and views. I don't believe they hear much directly from the public or more specifically the merchants. One of the alderpeople has been quoted being tired of hearing from the same few folks. I would send comments to or or call the State Port Pilot at 457-4568. Well thought out, non insulting, definitive comments have the best chance of having some effect. This same advice goes for any issue with the city, including your comments regarding the city manager or any other city issue. Get 0n the record.

Anonymous: Ajaypal
 December 27 2014 02:46 am  

ILB must be living on ahoentr planet.Those 'elite' institutions, and heck, even the UC, was created by whites, indeed by Protestant whites. They should be able to pass on their institution to their descendants. BTW, I am white but not protestant, and we white Catholics instead of kvetching about the 'unfairness' of white protestants, you know, controlling what they built, we set up or our institutions. George Town, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, St. Johns, etc etc. and even second tier but completely adequate schools like University of San Diego and University of San Francisco.And a correction. There wasn't a 'huge' increase in Asian students at UC due to 209. There may have been a small increase, but the UC has been trending Asian for a long time simply because the Asian population of the state has been increasing -- indeed in percentage terms vaster than the Hispanic population I believe. Heck I can remember back in the late 1980s UCLA being called University of Caucasians lost among Asians. (USC was University of Surrounded Caucasians -- but that was a 'town and gown' joke). I suspect that the Asian representation at UC has remained about triple their percentage of the 18 year olds in the state population.As for science being abandoned to Asians, Jews and Immigrants, that is just plain dumb. More like there has been tremendous pressure on native-born gentiles to get out of the field -- starting with the importation of teach graduation labor. Still, a people that have produced a Watson, a Claude Shannon, a Donald Knuth, a Robert Millikan can do okay without Asians or Jews. Indeed looking at the historical record, we seem to have had more success before the late 1800s mass immigration and certainly before the 1965 immigration wave.

Anonymous: Bhumi
 December 28 2014 02:35 am  

That's going to change Steve.Obama is <a href="http://pdaxtnemabr.com">exndteing</a> Government and therefore Affirmative Action EVERYWHERE.Into corporate hiring, firing, promotions, and work assignments, through both TARP and additional legislation and executive action. Pretty remarkable. An extension of his Chicago shakedown politics nationally, which means national losers who WILL fight.Then there's national health care, aka rationing for the politically connected. Older, White Guys (and women) get discriminated against in favor of young, Black and Latino kids. It's a matter of life and death, so expect THAT to be a huge fight.Then there's the overt creeping nationalization of industry after industry, Chrylser, GM, the banking industry, and more. If you work for any of those, as a White guy you have to be tossed out, and replaced with a hip cool Black, Hispanic, or gay guy. That's a massive fight there.Obama's spoils politics taken national, guarantees these fights just get more intense, and fracture the legal system. It boils down to who intimidates the other side the most, with a depression era economy that will probably not get better for decades, making the fights into bitter survival fights. I expect the "full Palin" treatment right back at folks on the Obama AA side: boycotts, publicizing ugly personal failings, including that of fammiy and friends, going after cronies, friends, supporters with lawsuits, boycotts, publicizing personal failings, etc. or in other words the Alinsky playbook Obama used. Probably also <a href="http://pdaxtnemabr.com">exndteing</a> to destruction of the Media/Entertainment infrastructure. I.E. trying to bankrupt the NYT by going after advertisers and suing people like Keller and Sulzberger.This won't happen overnight. But America did not land in the Civil War like turning on a light switch. Escalation and counter-escalation was guaranteed because the issue of pure power could not be compromised upon.

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